The supremacy of law making, that now became like number’s technocracy, prevales on political activities. We are forced by the perspective of a gaze incapable of evaluate and promote good practices, that have been carried out in theaters. A gaze incapable of a strategic view of society and culture. Incapable of actions, specific acts, that should take into account the real situation of places and people. Another time we’re called to face the closure of theaters, to create a political answer to the legislative provocation. To advocate life against restrictions. Testimonies research actions festival will occupy the theaters where the representations should have been presented, anyway. From there we’ll transmit on streaming a series of talks with the artists in connection from other theaters, closed but alive. It will be the occasion to directly talk with the artists about their works, about this intolerable crisis, about the creation process of those works that, at least for now, we will not see. Critics and experts have accepted to participate to these meetings, to share with us and with our audience, forcibly separated from us, these moments of art and politics.
We will ensure salary and refunds to everyone that have worked, and is working, with us to make this events possible, and artists will revive a payment for their presence. We insist on our position about web media or video-streaming applied to the performances. We’ve already argued the reasons of our choice, in March, to not use streaming for an art totally stranger to a language of that kind. Art and culture are entertainment only sometimes, not every time. And it doesn’t totally matter if the audience should spend time and have fun watching a movie or a theater play. Culture and art are essentials activities for a country considering himself civilized. The institutions must stop messing things up. They must stop to put on the same level things, in name of an hypocrite and intolerable sloppiness. Theaters are places of art, of thinking. Fortress, indeed, of civilization.

Clemente Tafuri, David Beronio


  • Meeting with Claudio Angelini, Bernardo Casertano, Enrico Piergiacomi
  • Images and Imageries of Butoh. Cinematic, Photographic, Political and Performative Bodies – International meeting curated by Katja Centonze and Samantha Marenzi. With Katja Centonze, Raimondo Guarino, Samantha Marenzi, Bruce Baird, Stephen Barber, Peter Eckersall, Takashi Morishita
  • Oscillazioni: a project by Roberta Nicolai on performing arts – Meeting with Roberta Nicolai, Alessandra Cristiani, Samantha Marenzi, Paola Bianchi
  • A sonic socio-ecological exploration on Svalbard Islands: the project The Svalbard Suite – With movies: La Parte Che Avanza / Still Lingering and Blind Cave Salamander – The Svalbard Suite
  • Meeting with Riccardo Guratti, Greta Francolini, Fabio Acca
  • Meeting with Andrea Cosentino, Giulio Sonno
  • The Great Theater of the Pandemic – Seminar with Marco De Marinis
  • The accursed side. A voyage to the borders of theater: a film project by Akropolis Theatre – With movies: Paola Bianchi and Massimiliano Civica

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