Akropolis Theatre Company, founded in 2001 and directed by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio, conducts a research on the preliterary origins of theatre and on performing arts. The Trilogy on Friedrich Nietzsche (2013), Death of Zarathustra (2016), Pragma. A study on the myth of Demeter (2018) and Apocatastasis (now in production) are the outcomes on the scene of this investigation, accompanied by studies and publications on the same topics. In 2020 the film-documentary project The accursed side. Journey to the edge of theatre, was born: a cycle of films, directed by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio, dedicated to some protagonists of art and culture, including, already made, those on Massimiliano Civica and Paola Bianchi. The third film dedicated to the philosopher Carlo Sini is currently being worked on. The company’s research activity is the subject of various degree theses. The shows and other activities are hosted in spaces and theaters throughout Italy and abroad.

The company manages the Akropolis Theatre in Genoa, a place designed to welcome and promote research in the performing arts. Among the main projects and activities there are Testimonies research actions, an international and multidisciplinary festival (twelfth edition in 2021), which annually hosts artists and scholars in a cycle of shows, workshops, seminars, conferences and publications; AkropolisLibri, the publishing project of the Akropolis Theater, which publishes, within specific series, volumes dedicated to the artists and scholars hosted in the festival, books related to conferences and seminars, and publications on theatrical and philosophical research; artistic residences, with which the production processes of national and international artists and groups are regularly welcomed and supported; training activities, which every year involve hundreds of people, from children to theater and dance professionals.

In 2017 AkropolisLibri, the publishing house of Teatro Akropolis, received the Ubu Prize in the “special projects” category. In 2019 Testimonies research actions is a finalist for the Critical Network Award, and in 2021 it wins the Hystrio Award.

Who we are

Clemente Tafuri
Author, director, artistic director

David Beronio
Author, director, artistic director

Veronica Righetti
Organization manager

Rosalba Greco
Organization, social media

Luca Donatiello
Performer, organization, graphic designer

Alessandro Romi
Performer, technical director, education activities and workshops manager

Domenico Carnovale
Performer, education activities