Akropolis Theatre Company, founded in 2001 and directed by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio, researchs on the preliterary origins of theatre and on performing arts. The studies, the publications and the productions create a unique path of research on theatre as expression of an unrepresentable wisdom, an art form capable of directly confront the myth and its metamophic essence. The company’s activity was subject of many thesis, its plays are hosted in theatres and venues in Italy and abroad.

The company manages in Genoa Akropolis Theatre, a place conceived to host and promote the research in performing arts, by organizing festivals, artistic residences, workshops and various cultural activities.

In 2017 AkropolisLibri, the publishing house of Teatro Akropolis, received the Ubu Prize in the “special projects” category.

Testimonies research actions, the main public event of Teatro Akropolis, is an international and multidisciplinary festival that every year hosts artists, scholars and critics in an exhibition of plays, performances, conferences, seminars, workshops. In 2019 the festival was finalist for the Rete Critica prize.

Who we are

Clemente Tafuri
Author, director, artistic director

David Beronio
Author, director, artistic director

Veronica Righetti
Organization manager

Rosalba Greco
Organization, social media

Luca Donatiello
Performer, organization, graphic designer

Alessandro Romi
Performer, technical director, education activities and workshops manager

Domenico Carnovale
Performer, education activities

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