From preface by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio:

The originality of the great fresco that unfolds in these pages lies in conceiving a living philosophy which arises before any conflict, where every will is cancelled, where reason meets its extreme limit. That is, where every aspect of what we delude ourselves to be life definitively loses all meaning and value in the name of a profound and mysterious life we are no longer able to tap into. But this life is not a myth even if only through the myth you can glimpse its reverberation. This life has never abandoned man, it has never been definitively a victim of the stratifications of history, religions, science, art and any other expression of culture. This life subsists in its becoming, quivers in the most anguished feelings, rejoices in the highest joys.


2017 Ubu Prize

AkropolisLibri is the winner of the 2017 Ubu Prize in the "special projects" category with the following motivation: "for the valuable work of historicizing the present in the present in large annual volumes which document the activity carried out during the festival Testimonies research actions, also relaunching the lesson from the past, as in the case of the publication of unpublished works by Alessandro Fersen".