From preface by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio:

La latitudine profonda del teatro  was above all an encounter, between a man of theater who had long ago decided to conduct his research outside the stage, and one of the most brilliant and acute Italian theater scholars of the twentieth century. Fersen and Meldolesi started from premises that were sometimes distant and difficult to compare. They used different languages ​​but recognized the need to find a table to sit at to play their game. […]
But what prompted Meldolesi to curate such a high-level conference dedicated to Fersen’s work? His curiosity was certainly stimulated by the double soul of this artist-philosopher, by the double track, on and off the stage, on which he had always conducted his work. Meldolesi sensed that dealing with him in depth meant going beyond everything which Fersen was known for. So this challenge was born, launched to “flush out” Fersen, to bring him into the open and induce him to reveal his secret, like Midas who forces the Silenus to pronounce the tragic sentence on the meaning of life.

This volume collects the speeches of the conference La latitudine profonda del teatro, curated by Claudio Meldolesi, held at the DAMS in Bologna in 1988, and those of the study day dedicated to that event, curated in 2018 by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio.

With writings by David Beronio, Marco Colli, Marco De Marinis, Stefano De Matteis, Laura Mariani, Clemente Tafuri.


2017 Ubu Prize

AkropolisLibri is the winner of the 2017 Ubu Prize in the "special projects" category with the following motivation: "for the valuable work of historicizing the present in the present in large annual volumes which document the activity carried out during the festival Testimonies research actions, also relaunching the lesson from the past, as in the case of the publication of unpublished works by Alessandro Fersen".