From preface by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio:

L’incorporeo represents Fersen’s Opus magnum, the result of an entire existence dedicated to alchemical research to reach the bottom of a path of knowledge by combining those elements which specialization of our age wants to be strictly separated. A journey that Fersen has led along the three great paths of scene, writing and laboratory practices. Three paths among which he has always refused to make a definitive choice, continuing to look for the formula that would allow us to understand them all, and to complete the results of each of them.


2017 Ubu Prize

AkropolisLibri is the winner of the 2017 Ubu Prize in the "special projects" category with the following motivation: "for the valuable work of historicizing the present in the present in large annual volumes which document the activity carried out during the festival Testimonies research actions, also relaunching the lesson from the past, as in the case of the publication of unpublished works by Alessandro Fersen".