Testimonianze ricerca azioni (Testimonies research actions) is the main public event of Teatro Akropolis. The festival hosts artists and intellectuals of international level in a cycle of performances, residencies, workshops, seminars, meetings.

In the activities that take place during Testimonianze ricerca azioni the artistic work in its processual core always has a central role. This part of the research is the most significant for those who investigate the possibilities of theatre, its reasons, and the most vivid and rich for those who really need to reach the meaning of this art. Other activities are workshops (a proposal that affects many different types of approach to the work of the actor), conferences, publications (the volumes of Teatro Akropolis – Testimonianze ricerca azioni and other books published by AkropolisLibri) and, of course, the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists who will be with us in the theatre for some time.

Next events

  1. Body Resonance. Based on butō and organic movement

    10 November - 11 November
    Il Sogno di Lao, Genova


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