Workshops are a main point of interest for Teatro Akropolis. Every workshop, held every year from October to May and addressed to children, teens and adults, is taught by professional operators and actors with years of experience in education and teaching, and is open to anyone who wishes to approach the art of theatre.

All workshops are designed for the specific age they target, and have in common the body work on expression and physical actions. A conception of theatre as a tool of self-knowledge and a path of personal and community growth.

Next events

  1. La presenza, l’azione, lo spazio scenico

    21 April - 23 April
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  2. Tandem

    27 April, h. 21:00 - 21:55
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  3. OVVIO

    28 April, h. 21:00 - 21:50
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova

    29 April, h. 21:00 - 21:40
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  5. Morte di Zarathustra (replica)

    4 May, h. 21:00 - 21:45
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  6. Ivrea Cinquanta. Mezzo secolo di Nuovo Teatro in Italia 1967-2017

    5 May - 7 May
    Palazzo Ducale – Sala del Minor Consiglio, Genova


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