Three days of live dance and videodance, between experimentation and research. A journey that starts from the body and its expressive force according to different languages and formats, in constant dialogue with the viewer.

In the atmosphere of Villa Croce and Palazzo Ducale, three dance evenings, knowing the work and the visions that inspire several generations of dancers from Liguria.

In parallel, the contest Stories We Dance that approaches the videodance from a heterogeneous international perspective, presenting in Genoa several films from around the world, among which a jury will identify and reward the best.

FuoriFormato is organized by Assessorato alla Cultura of the Municipality of Genoa in collaboration with Palazzo Ducale. The live entertainment section is curated by Teatro Akropolis and Danzacontempoligure, the contest Stories We Dance is curated by Augenblick.

Next events

  1. Tandem

    27 April, h. 21:00 - 21:55
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  2. OVVIO

    28 April, h. 21:00 - 21:50
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova

    29 April, h. 21:00 - 21:40
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  4. Morte di Zarathustra (replica)

    4 May, h. 21:00 - 21:45
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova
  5. Ivrea Cinquanta. Mezzo secolo di Nuovo Teatro in Italia 1967-2017

    5 May - 7 May
    Palazzo Ducale – Sala del Minor Consiglio, Genova
  6. Meeting with a remarkable man. Sessione di lavoro patafisica con Eugenio Barba

    5 May, h. 18:30 - 19:00
    Casa Paganini – InfoMus, Genova


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