The Akropolis Theatre Company was founded in 2001, led by Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio. His research and productions are inspired by the studies about the origin of the theatrical act. The Company conducts a course on the performative development of tragic chorus, proposing meetings, workshops and study groups.

The Company founded in 2010 Teatro Akropolis, a place designed to experience and share new reflections on contemporary theatre. Every year Teatro Akropolis organizes, under the artistic direction of Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio, Testimonianze ricerca azioni (Testimonies research actions), an event that brings together artists and intellectuals of international level in a cycle of shows, conferences, seminars, residencies, workshops.

AkropolisLibri is the publishing project of Teatro Akropolis. Every year before the start of Testimonianze ricerca azioni, it publishes a book containing the articles of the participants and those who contribute to the deepening of the issues and demands that guide the work of Teatro Akropolis. AkropolisLibri also publish the unpublished work of Alessandro Fersen and other studies on the theatre.


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