Testimonianze ricerca azioni series

Testimonianze ricerca azioni is the annual event of Teatro Akropolis that brings together some of the most important artists worldwide in theatre research and performing arts fields. The book Teatro Akropolis – Testimonianze ricerca azioni precedes every year the beginning of the activities. It is an opportunity to leave a trace and provide a tool to approach the deepest part of the theatrical research and thought linked to it. The initiative is created to provide a critical apparatus to the theoretical work of the artists. But It is also a cultural operation beyond the traditional scope of academic studies, to establish a comparison that brings an original contribution to the debate on contemporary art forms.

Autori series

This series gathers books written by single authors. In collaboration with the Alessandro Fersen Foundation in Rome, Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio, directors of Teatro Akropolis, edit the unpublished works by Alessandro Fersen, preserved in the Museum Library of the Actor in Genoa.

Studi series

Contrappunti series

Other books

Next events

  1. Workshop gratuito su corpo e azione

    1 February - 2 February
    Teatro Akropolis, Genova


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